Shadows suck

He stepped out of the shadows and walked toward me. It was 13th July, 5:30 PM. I saw a guy trying to raise me up. My head hurt so bad! His hand rooted me. It’s the only thing I could see.

I fell in coma and next place I got awake was the hospital. Everything was white and there was a freaky smell, it was made by meds. Surrounded by doctors, everything seemd to be different. I lived the moment like any other time.

I was driving through the forest listening to music when something strange happened. A thunderbolt hit a tree near me and it crashed on my car. Piece of glass everywhere! The smell was terrible and I didn’t saw nothing for five minutes. My windshield was broke by tree.

The doctors was speaking about my survival. I didn’t knew what to expect

Someone was yelling:”We loose him! I need help!” and someone else was screaming about taking me to the surgery. I have no idea about what followed.

I fell asleep again and time ran out, 3 hours were 2 minutes. My thaughts was about my death, didn’t know what to wait..

I don’t know why but something was staring to me. It was a tiny body and his face was hideous. There were a few doctors surrounding my bad. Their faces seemed to be different. Aliens? No, just doctors in white robes smelling of meds.Strange? Yes!

It looked that they tried to find something.

The tree crashed and a brench pierced the car’s body then my leg. The blood was draining out and unconscious started to install. I saw a car and a man trying to help me:”Call 911, fast!” was he screaming

Finally, it was my meds and the strange doctors who seemed to be aliens were just…doctors!

They were trying to find my MRI’s results.

I was halucinating..

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